Krowor Assembly Member Takes On MCE For Denying Schools Desks


Hon. Assembly member for Nii Larweh Electoral Area in the Krowor Municipality of the Greater Accra region, Lawrence Nii Bortey Borquaye has taken the Municipal Chief Executive, MCE, Joshua Bortey for his poor attitude towards education of the area.


The Assembly Member position he could not understand the kind of Education the MCE and the Krowor Education Directorate want to run the Municipality.

In a working visit to the KroMA cluster of schools, the Assembly member for the Larweh Electoral Area, Hon. Nii Bortey Borquaye saw the bad conditions under which teaching and learning take place, and about two or three children have to manage a tiny desk throughout the school period.

In some cases, some of the pupils do not have desk at all and have to squat or go on their kneels to write during lessons.

Some of the teachers disclosed they have to borrow table and chairs on daily basis for the pupils to sit on, adding that sometimes the pupils have to carry their own chairs and tables from home to school for lessons and take them back home after school.

The teachers were quick to add this affects the pupils not only physically but psychologically, and this challenges they indicated have persisted for a long time.

Interest groups and individuals in the electoral area suspect the MCE and the Fisheries Minister and MP for Krowor, Elizabeth Afoley Quaye have intentionally left this challenge the pupils are facing unattended to in order to sabotage the Assembly member.

Hon. Lawrence Nii Bortey Borquaye also expressed worry over a situation where teachers are using Twi instead of Ga language in the teaching of pupils at the KroMA cluster of schools.

The teachers’ excuse was that some of the pupils do not understand the Ga language and so they blend the Twi and Ga languages to teach them.

Nii Bortey Borquaye also argued that the use of native language of the traditional area has been well enforced in other jurisdiction and the Krowor Municipal Assembly must do well to enforce it to the latter.

He added that “the penetration of the Twi language in our local schools reveal how deep and serious the fight for the survival of our Ga language has become and the Assembly has an integral institution to help save our local language”.

By: Elikplim K. Awuyeh


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