Kpobiman Celebrates Homowo


The Chiefs and people of Kpobiman in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra region over the weekend celebrated their annual Homowo amidst pomp and pageantry at Kpobiman.


The celebration which began in the early hours of Saturday morning lasted for some few hours with blaring music on one side while the traditional drums also boomed in front of the palace for the ancestral gods.

The Chief of Kpobiman, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, led the festival activities with the sprinkling the traditional food (Kpokpoi) within the ancestral homes and clan houses.

Briefing the media on the sidelines during the celebrations, he encouraged GaDangme people to continue living in peace and harmony because there is strength in unity and unity in turn, brings about development.

Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, asked GaDangme’s to use the festive occasion to reflect on how best they could contribute to make Greater Accra a better place than they came to meet.

He noted that Kpobiman is one of the fastest growing areas in the Municipality and saw the influx of people from different ethnic groups tripling in to settle.

According to Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, and his Kingmakers decided to expand the kingdom by installing new chiefs to complements his efforts of developing the areas.

Touching on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender activities, he urged Ghanaians not to compromise on the country’s cultural values and also urged them to resist any temptation from any country or individual that tries to influence legalising same sex in Ghana.

Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, expressed resentment at the practice, describing it as un-biblical, un-Christian and, therefore, un-African.

He noted that even though the practice has found its way into the legal books, Ghana should not compromise on its cultural values.

Meanwhile, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, has unveiled three (3) traditional office holders to complement the effort of his Council.

He performed the necessary traditional rites to fully accept and induct them into the Kpobiman Chieftaincy.

They included; Naa Aflowaa Beishɛɔ I, Queen mother, Nii Blafo Tsitsitse as Blafo (Chiefs Palace Executioner) and Sariki Sulemana Amadu I, as Zongo Chief.

After the induction ceremony, Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, admonished them to help champion the developmental projects being spearheaded by himself.

He further stressed that the induction ceremony is not just for fancy but it is for unity, development and unity amongst the people of Kpobiman and the Ga State in general.

Nii Tetteh Mensah Kootse I, urged them to do everything possible within their power to raise the development status of the Kpobiman area so that investors would be attracted to the area.

On behalf of the three who were outdoored, Sariki Sulemana Amadu I, promised the people of Kpobiman to look out for development and peace amongst each other.

“There’s strength in peace and unity,” Sariki Sulemana Amadu I, added.

He therefore admonished his collegues to contribute their quota towards the development of the Kpobiman area to the benefit of generations yet unborn.

By: Paul Mamattah


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