Kotoku Amoahman Marks Annual Homowo


At a joyous occasion of an annual Homowo festival celebrated by the people of GA state within the country is often sprinkling of “Kpokpoi”, a traditional food made from maize and palm nut soup.


According to him, sprinkling signals hooting at hunger.

The traditional ruler of Adjen Kotoku-Amoaman, Nii Amoah Okromansah VII led his community to climax the celebration of this year’s “Homowo” Festival amidst the sprinkling of “Kpokpoi” on the principal streets within the community.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with some selected media Nii Amoah VII asserted that this year’s Celebration of the festival has been different as compared with those of previous years.

He metioned that it was due to the outbreak of the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic.

Nii Okromansa VII further reiterated to fact that, prior to the celebration of the festival, the GA Traditional Authority issued some directives with regards to health, safety and hygiene protocols that must be followed by all communities where the” Homowo” Festival was to be observed.

Also, in terms of Security, the Traditional Leader recounted series of engagements with the Security Agencies from both Amasaman and Adjen Kotoku respectively to adopt a strategy to be used as regards issues of Security.

This he said, helped in ensuring a peaceful celebration.

This directives according to Nii Amoah VII, was followed to the latter by his community with the engagement of the youths to make sure people wash and sanitise thier hands and also wear a mask before they were allowed entry into the palace and its environs.

The above directives notwithstanding, the Traditional ruler stated that, he personally made sure that the palace provided veronica buckets, anti-bacterial detergents as well as paper towels and hand-sanitisers at vantage points within the community and the palace in particular in order to ensure that a strict adherence to the government’s directives with regards to mitigating against the spread of the virus is strictly adhered to.

With this year being an electioneering year, Nii Amoah VII used the opportunity to admonish the youths of his community and the country at large to disengage themselves from any acts of voilence which are of no benefit neither to them nor their families even if they are enticed with money and other material items, stressing; thier lives, thier family’s, and those of others are more valuable than the worth of these monies and material items put together.

The traditional leader also took advantage of the occasion and appealed to government to address a major challenge which has been a source of worry for the community for years. Nii Amoah VII revealed that the Adjen Kotoku-Amoaman community have had an ultra-modern market facility as well as a water facility which were constructed under the erstwhile Kufour administration in the year,2007 and has since not been commissioned.

He lamented on how governments have come and gone over a decade now without addressing the above challenge.
” I am making a humble appeal to the government to commission these projects so that together,we will save money by preventing the facility from deteriorating and also help the community attain its desired level of development” ,The Traditional ruler added.

Nii Amoah Nkromansah VII seized the opportunity to express his sincere appreciation to the entire community of Adjen Kotoku especially the good people of Amoaman for making the festival a success.

He further urged the traditions I leaders of the other communities who are yet to celebrate the “Homowo” Festival to emulate the steps taken by the Adjen Kotoku-Amoaman
community by compiling with the directives issued by the GA Traditional Authority as well as those from the Security Agencies in order to ensure a smooth and peaceful celebration.

By: Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina



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