Klagon People Know Their Chief, No Imposter Will Succeeded 


The Chief of Klagon, Nii Bortey Klan l, describes it laughable for someone to call himself Recent of Klagon where there is a capacitated living chief.


His comment was triggered barely a week after one Nii Gamu Amui Issah, at a press conference had said that he is the regent of Klagon.

Not only did Nii Gamu Amui Issah claimed to be the regent of Klagon installed by the Tema Paramountcy as a village of the Tema Traditional Area, he also calls the existing chief a self-styled chief.

The said regent alleged that Nii Bortey Klan l, with some individuals from Nungua are selling wildlife land at Klagon as the owners, Tema Traditional Council expected the government to halt but did not, completing them to speak now. He also called for the resolution of the Tema-Nungua boundary issue since he believes the lands being sold belong to Tema.

Nii Bortey Klan l, in response noted that everybody knows it for a fact that Klagon is a Nungua land, and Nungua people know their chief. “Nungua people know their chief, and are much aware of the development he is bringing to the community” he opined.


The Klagon Chief noted that there is enough documentary evidence regarding the boundary between Tema and Nungua and to prove that Klagon is part of Nungua Traditional Area.

He however affirmed his resolution to remain focus on his development agenda for Klagon, saying no amount of machination will divert his attention.

Checks from the Chieftaincy Bulletin Volume Two compiled in 2015 by National House of Chiefs confirms Nii Bortey Klan l, as a gazetted chief with installation date, December 5, 2012.

NII Bortey Klan l, built the Klagon police station, a mini market and is now putting up a befitting palace.

By: Edward Tetteh


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