Journalist Attacker Nearly Attacked Him Again


The Ada East District senior staff member who attacked a reporter for filming a misunderstanding at the election of a Presiding Member, PM, was just a finger nail away from assaulting him again. Assembly Members were as usual swift to prevent the close fight by intervening.


Abdul Latif, an internal auditor of the Assembly on January 23, 2020 physically assaulted the Obonu FM reporter, Daniel Akpaloo Nyongmor for taking video of a scuffle which ensued at the high table during the election a PM for the Assembly.

The staff without any provocation dashed on the reporter and held his hands with the cell phone in an aggressive manner, questioning his presence at such a public event until the reporter was rescued by some Assembly members.

Even though the reporter has been issued with medical forms to seek treatment for his twisted arm after formally reporting the case to the Police, he also petitioned the Ada East District Chief Executive, DCE, Sarah Dugbakie Pobee who has since the first incident a fortnight earlier not done anything about the issue.

Ten days after when the Assembly again met to elect its PM, after members first disapproved of the contestants, Abdul Latif again accosted the reporter questioning why he reported that he had assaulted him, asking the victim to show him the bruises he sustained as reported by sealer by

Exchange of words erupted resulting in a near fight between the two, after which another staff only by name, Evans also came in to confront the reporter, demanding to fight him.

Abdul Latif appears to be a thin god at the Assembly dye to his perceived role, the reason both the DCE and Coordinating Director are unable to deal with the recalcitrant staff, though they are unhappy with his conducts.

By: Edward Tetteh



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