Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voters’ Register Schools Clueless Jean Mensah led EC


The Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voters’ Register has expressed concern over Ghanaians allowing their political affiliations to divide them due to the proposed compilation of a new voters’ register by the Electoral Commission.


According to the Coalition, there is the need for Ghanaians to have the country at heart and look beyond politics. The Coalition however noted that it is needless for the EC to waste state resources at this time to compile a new voters roll when Ghanaians need school blocks and potable water.

This was contained in a press statement issued in Accra and signed by a member of the Inter-Party Resistance Against New Voters’ Register and the Acting General Secretary of the United Progressive Party, UPP, Chief Bukari Kuoru.

It stated that it is unfortunate for the EC to post materials written by known affiliates of the New Patriotic Party on its website in an attempt to justify the need for a new voters’ register.

This it noted is an unprofessional conduct on the part of the EC and raises serious concerns of transparency, Integrity, fairness and impartiality. He indicated that every Ghanaian needs to be worried about this development.

Below is the full statement.

Inter-Party Resistance Against Biometric Register Schools Clueless Jean Mensah led EC.

I have read several articles and opinions by several people and institutions since the Inter-Party Resistance against the compilation of a new biometric voters registers. It is as if we have set aside logic and reason and have allowed our political affiliations to cloud our sense of reason. Should we put aside politics and look  at the technical and very basic and logical reasons why this exercise is totally needlesss and an endeavour to waste the scarce resources and time of Ghanaians in an election year? we will even come to a conclusion of fraud being perpetuated on the people of Ghana.

I think that it is most unfortunate at this time to have an Electoral Commission that has had it’s leading members in the full glare of the people and the International communiity gear obviously towards one political divide. It raises serious concerns of transparency, integrity, fairnes, impartiality and every Ghanaian needs to be worried.

It is also sad that the Electoral Commission now posts materials written by known affiliates of the NPP on its website in an attempt to justify the need for a new register. This is most unproffessional conduct on the part of the Commisssion. Augmenting the already known figures who were patrons of the NPP working  as leading figures of the Commission is already a case and basis for rejection of future declaration of election results.

Those who are raising issues of the system or devices being obsolete for which the EC seeks to acquire a new system by perpetuating lies and funding people who have no real knowledge about the systems and how it works are wrong and must understand that the Commission, has intentionally embarked on deception and sinister moves to deceive Ghanaians into buying into this grand heist they want to pull on innocent Ghanaians, fails to tell Ghanaians the following;

  1. That Ghana has the largest and most secured Tier-3 Data center in West Africa with 600 racks. EC does not need a new DC. whoever ‘warned EC that the DC will crash misled the EC. Even if it crashes, you still have an option. West Africa’s largest Data Center can be located 800 meters away from EC’s office. If you care to know, it is the property of the Republic of Ghana.
  2. The fact that redhat provides support for their system for 10 years and the current version 5.8 that the EC is using was released in 2012 … does not mean that the biometric managment software system is obsolete. what it simply means that redhat will not release updates and patches for the OS  after 2022, (so in any case we have 2 more years to go), so we can begin to worry about it now .. and plan the migration or upgrade of the OS, but to raise an alarm now, and use it as a justification for the change is sinister to say the least.
  3. Redhat is the most stable enterprise solution of the UNIX base OS and it is also supported. Debian is also another good enterprise solution, but for support sake, I will go for redhat. So if you have a system that runs well on an older version many times when you move it to newer version you have lot of issues. Maybe the EC should tell us which distributer they will use if they change the system. Any serious vendor will still propose redhat and no serious Institution, Tech vendor or company will go for the most current version. it is always problematic.
  4. On the BVD’s; Technically the BVD’s are the only devices that the EC is creating the need for purchase of new ones, and that is if they want to insist on the facial verification because the current one does not support the facial verification.

ii. All they have to do is to create a new template with the pictorial features and then upload the templates onto the new BVDs, and voila their facial verification device are ready for use.

So, in all honesty, if facial verification is what they want to do there is no need to:

1.Buy a new central server or (data center as they call it).

  1. To buy a new registration kit.
  2. Compile new register or ask Ghanaians for a new registration.

What the EC needs to do is to buy verification devices and one of the vendors that was at the Coconut groove hotel on the 10th December told everybody there that they did supply verification devices to STL in 2012, and they also presented new devices that supports facial verification which makes everything very simple.

iii. Again, the EC’s claim that the templates are not compatible and therefore by changing vendor the templates will not work is not true. If we change the verification device alone, there is no need to worry about any compatiblilty issues. Above this compatibility issues, we have raw data or master profile from which we can always create new templates for any device(BVD’S).


  1. A Data center cannot crash, a Data center is the building or room that houses servers (on rack or not). That which can crash is the database and the database that the EC has, has not crushed.

For and on behalf of the Inter-party Resistance against the compilation of a New biometric voters register.

Chief Bukari Kuoru

Emmanuel Boamah


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