Industries Hide Behind Donations To Produce Lots Alcoholic Drinks


Ghana National Alcohol Policy Alliance (GhanAPA), has alleged that the producers of alcoholic beverages hide behind corporate social responsibility to deceive innocent alcohol consumers.


The Non-governmental Organization, NGO, stated that alcohol destroys or kill innocent alcoholic drinkers, and it must be seen as one of the destructive or dangerous drugs.

At a workshop in Accra to inform the media why alcohol industries took Corporate Social Responsibility serious, Issah Ali Wonder of West African Alcoho Policy Alliance (WAAPA) pointed out that in their bid to remain in business, the industries make donations to various needy institutions in the country.

The workshop identified few alcohol industries who sponsors the Ghana’s National Team, Black Stars and the juniors sides and some facilities as a strategy to get the policy makers of the country to favour them to continue to be in business.

The event also disclosed these industries sponsors trips of government officials/policy makers to go for refresher courses and other training workshop out side Ghana.

The NGO, GhanAPA argued that alcohol is one of the four key risk factors to Non-communicable diseases globally.

A survey conducted in 2014 by World Health Organization, W.H.O, alcohol was noted responsible for 3.3 million death yearly worldwide and the cause of over 200 diseases and injury conditions.

The survey also indicate that in Ghana about 87,000 people die every year from alcohol use alone.

The revelation indicated Ghana was among some few African countries in the sub-region to develop an alcohol Policy document in 2016, however, lack of regulations has rendered the document useless and the situation kept rising.

Labram Mohammed Musah, GhanAPA also argued that alcohol intake is threat to life and if government could not place heavy tax to reduce alcoholic prodution then it would be appropriate for the government to pay risk allowance to the consumers.

He explained that since government earns lots of taxes from the alcohol industries, the risk allowance for those who take in alcohol could use the allowance to help threat the numerous communicable diseases they contract from the alcohol in their body.

By: Delali A. Awuyeh


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