Indeed Nana Addo Is A Terrible President !!!


I love the people who branded the president as incorruptible , peace loving and believer of press freedom . They can easily sell pork to a Muslim (haram) . They really branded human excreta for sale and people bought it.


I don’t know the fear *#FIXTHECOUNTRY* group are causing Nana Addo. He used the police to arrest them in court, and the thugs, seeing what their leader enjoy, brutalised and killed another .

Leadership style reflects. When you sow the wind , you will definitely reap the whirlwind. We are products of our minds.

I am yet to see the difference between the police, the thugs and the military. They have one commander , Nana Addo Danquah Akuffo Addo.

A person who sees no evil , hears no evil and doesn’t condemn evil, because he agrees or probably behind the perpetrators. Is that one too a president ?

Kofi Koomson ones said he can never sleep when Nana Addo becomes president . President Kuffour said worse when he advised NPP delegates . Today we are living the reality.

I feel pity for those who stand unconcerned. I don’t want to name the number of unconcerned people who have lost their lives under Nana Addo.

During the Ayawaso West Wuogon bye-elections, they thought us lessons on stray bullets, and they will use that constantly in their defence, even though a “supposedly” trained military man knelt , aimed and discharged “their stray” bullets with pride , killing and maiming citizens.

Yes he did it with pride , because that is the only action Nana Addo enjoys to see.

They have been assured that white paper will cover them anytime there is an enquiry, no wonder there is a “fake” ministerial commission to clear them in 10 days.

How can Ambrose Derry , an accomplice (per the rot in the security service) investigate itself and it’s men ? The result has definitely be cooked already. This is how thugs are emboldened to kill more. 4 more to kill more.

Before this report is completed in 10 days, we demand to have the report of the 6 months old investigations on the killings during the 2020 elections .

James Oppong-Buanuh, Kwesi OFori and your likes , power is transient !!! The heaven that you believe is crime free, didnt just happen. There was a revolt that took Lucifer and his angels away. If that is what you are calling for , its not faraway, some of you must be chased out to clear the police service of it’s rot, if this is what you are calling for. Examine the service that was handed over to you and now . You must be ashamed.

The least said about the military, the better. The ones cherished force, is now stinking badly, reflecting the leadership we have .

Stand up and be counted, we must fight this oppressor to see the better days ahead

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Gunn


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