I Am Focused Despite Your Detracting Antics – Odamtten Tells Reporter And His Paymasters


The NDC Parliamentary Candidate for the Tema East Constituency, Isaac Ashai Odamtten has charged the incumbent Member of Parliament, Titus Glover to conduct an issue-based campaign if he believes he has truly represented the Tema East people well and stop soiling his name.


Making the comment on a political talk show, “inside politics” on Power fm, Mr. Odamtten pointed at the incumbent MP as the mastermind behind unfounded publications against him in a quest to paint him black before the electorate, instead of showing what he has done with the two terms as MP.

There have been a number of publications aimed at smearing the affable and tolerant former Tema Mayor since his emergence as PC for Tema East on the NDC ticket.

The latest one is a story published by the dailyguidenetwork.com with the headline; “Tema NDC candidate in hot waters.” The story claimed a bench warrant was issued on Isaac Ashai Odamtten to be picked up for questioning in respect of his involvement in financial malfeasance with three others during his reign, following investigations conducted by the Attorney General’s Department and the Economic and Organised Crime Office.

Close to a month now, and not different from a couple of similar stories this particular reporter had published since the beginning of this year, Mr. Odamtten has NOT been invited, and no bench warrant was confirmed to have been secured as the online portal claimed. According to the NDC’s Tema East candidate, not only is the publication malicious and a blatant falsehood, but also, a well-orchestrated ploy by the reporter and his paymasters to defame his enviable reputation. The concocted story he noted fits into the planned agenda of the ill-motivated reporter and the masterminds behind him to vilify him for taking the Tema East Constituency by storm since he had won the primary.

Mr. Odamtten who was appalled by the abysmal performance of the current MP who is bent on claiming glory for what he has not done said he remains focused and will never be detracted by such infantile politicking and gozo journalism.

“I’m convinced i have served Tema in honesty and with commitment, and I’m ever ready for any interrogation because i have nothing fishy under my sleeves” the people’s man stated. One of the finest Tema Mayors expressed conviction to snatch the seat come December, promising goodies for the Tema East constituents when elected.

Edward Graham Sebbie


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