“I Also Support Sammy Gyamfi” – Dr. Lawrence


Do we know why anyone who wants to describe the NPP, describes them as “stupid”?


Hon. Kennedy Agyapong described them as ‘stupid’; Kofi Wayo described them as ‘stupid’; A-Plus described them as ‘stupid’; Chairman Rawlings described them as people who don’t change except their name.

I started like that because of the way they handled the cartoon by Sammy Gyamfi, who used the cartoon to send a democratic message. The message was that Nana Addo and Jean Mensah are using the NIA and the Electoral Commission to take the last breath away from the Ghanaian voter.

Even though the cartoon didn’t say so, some idiots were quick to likened it to the death of the black Minnesota man, George Floyd.
This is where the stupidity of the NPP comes in.

They think because the cartoon showed Nana Addo in it, they should just attack without thinking. The message the cartoon was carrying was not only for this generation, but for the many generations yet to come and also good for our young democracy.

You see, the NPP think they are in power this year so they don’t care if the rights and identity of the Ghanaian are taken away. They don’t care if out of about 30 million people, only 10 people will be allowed to vote in December.

They don’t care if the voter’s voice is suppressed by any means. They don’t care if the voice of the people comes under attack and they don’t care if their government uses threat, intimidation and foolishness to rule.

The killings of black people by especially white police happen in America all the time. It only becomes news depending on how the killing was done. They demonstrate and within a month, it dies down and within a year, another black man is killed. I say this to mean this thing is not going away anytime soon. They don’t have anything to stop it forever.

But look at the message Sammy Gyamfi’s cartoon is carrying. If it gets the world’s attention and they begin to focus on the democracy of Ghana, I believe they will resource us to make it better.

We will not have Electoral Commissioners, whose job is to rig the elections for the President. We will have a President who will not rely on the rigging machinations of the EC to retain power. We will have not a parliament that acts as stooges for the government in power.

We will have an EC who will ensure that EVERY Ghanaian qualified to vote has a card to vote and we will have a President who will respect the voice and the power of the people.

These benefits will not be for only this generation but for the next generations to come. American democracy has lived almost 250 years because it was built on these principles. This is why I also support Sammy Gyamfi.

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement, DPM based in USA.


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