Honour Thy Father, The Giver Of Life


A father is like a tree, it has suffered everything but still provides us with shades from the scorching sun. It has nails knocked in, it has numerous machetes marks, but still reaches within itself to make us see its flowers i its season.


It has stones beneath, depicting seasonal attacks, either for fruits, or for birds seeking shelter from it’s branches .

Everyone has a story to tell about his or her dad. Some tell it with nostalgia, while others dread the sight or memories of it. However, there is a lesson for you to make your life better.

I have always loved the role of fatherhood. It is the role that everyone expects results.

Daddy my fees
Daddy my bicycle
Daddy my dress
Daddy mummy needs money; with this, you know mummy is behind it but …

None of us cared how you broke your back to provide for us. We always came to you with open hands to receive and you never turned your back on us. A few times you showed anger of not requesting at the right time , we knew you didn’t have and was using “takashie”

The only negative mentioned about you, is when we didnt get what we wanted ,even though we knew it was a fake request . The ones we got, we unfortunately saw it as a right. Poor you daddy!!!

He never needed a thank you in return, but thought us the necessities in appreciation. Daddy, I am where I am because of you.

I am hoping to be a better father and I know that will even make you happier. You deserve a day like this.

We are the bearers of the future light of fatherhood, and that is the vehicle for the better days ahead. We can’t complain but make it better. That is what makes us men.

Kun fa Yakun




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