Happy Mother’s Day To You – Godwin Ako Gunn


Children being gifts from God is a fact ,but those who have not yet been gifted may have traumatic moments accepting it , especially on days like this .


I wish every woman a gift of the fruit of the womb as we celebrate mothers today.

No child in Africa can boast of being taking care of by only a mother . Aunties, house helps and sometimes elder sisters have all at a point in time have been mothers to us .

Mothers have risen to many occasions .Taking care of the home in difficult times , rushing children with temperature Changing diapers, and at the same time feeding daddy .

They offer their breast willing anytime they hear the cry of the baby. It is done so passionately that men get a competitive edge to cry to have such attention .

In her tired moments, she falls asleep with the sucking baby, living you to cover her up and not to say its your turn to suck . Mothers have never stopped this nourishment !!!

Sometimes when we throw our weight about , don’t mind us , we just want to prove we are now men seeking independence, but we have never found it without you .

Many of us were born when there were no diapers, mothers carefully folded napkins with their fingers under it to protect what is in-between our legs from the pin that held the baby napkins together.

That pin, pricked mummy many times instead of pricking us ,a reason why the user or benefactor should also bear with in-laws.

You may not have a house or a car to give, but it doesn’t cost much to hug or say thank you mum , as you wait for better days ahead 😘

Happy mothers day to all

Kun fa Yakun


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