GUNA Commend Ghana For Unity To Fight Covid-19


The Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) has commended the government and the people of Ghana for uniting to fight the Coronavirus pandemic which has virtually brought the world’s economy to its knees.


In a press release issued in Accra and signed by GUNA Youth Affairs Secretary, Comrade Samuel Ojo Bamidele, states that It is a difficult decision for the government of Ghana to take by ensuring that all of its entry points were closed and issued stringent directives to further ensure that COVID-19 was fought to the end adding that; it needs to be commended and supported as the Coronavirus is battled to the letter.

The statement further said GUNA supports government’s decision by suspending all social gatherings to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Comrade Samuel Ojo Bamidele pointed out that the target of registering a zero COVID-19 at the shortest possible time is highly achievable, should all endeavour to adhere to the directives by the President and health professionals.

He stated as we put all hands on deck to return the economy to its potency as soon as possible, GUNA would implore all those madly cashing in on the sale of hand sanitizers and food stuffs to rethink of their unpatriotic attitude towards their own Ghanaians who need these items to keep body and soul alive in these trying moments.

The statement said this is not the way to make abnormal profit especially when the entire country is on its knees as a result of the pandemic.

It noted that the aftermath of the pandemic should teach us all a lesson because today, about 90 percent of Ghanaians have taken hand washing very seriously.

The statement advised that the disinfection of the markets should be a quarterly event to keep the markets clean and hygienic.

It added that beside the national seriousness attached to the temporary closure of the markets for the disinfection, it must be adopted for the monthly national clean up exercise to ultimately realise the President’s vision of making Ghana a clean country.

The statement said the tragic coronavirus has positively affected the ill attitudes of the citizenry who hitherto disrespected their personal hygiene and cleanliness.

The statement concluded that we all pray that there comes an end to this pandemic soon, GUNA would continue to entreat the citizenry to continue adhering to all the health bits from the experts and if possible, stay at home in case one has no serious business in town.
Surely, Ghana shall overcome this Coronavirus pandemic and we pray it is soon.

By: Paul Mamattah


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