GUNA Calls For Cease Fire In Russia-Ukraine Conflict


The Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) has called for immediate ceasefire in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine which could escalate with the consequences of claiming more innocent lives in the end.


In a press statement issued and signed by the President of GUNA, Peter Nanfuri, said the Organisation have deeply observed the destruction of peaceful existence in Ukraine by Russia and have analyzed how this onslaught if not well managed could escalate with the consequences of claiming more innocent lives in the end.

It further stated that “as a peace, security and development advocate organization in Ghana, we call on President Putin of Russia and the Russian Parliament to reconsider their decision to cease fire in Ukraine, given the untold sufferings the bombardment has rendered on the innocent people of Ukraine and foreigners at large”.

GUNA also called on America and Europe to contribute to the deescalation of war by ceasing to set up any form of military base within Ukraine and the region at large.

Mr. Nanfuri who is a former Inspector General of Police and also a former Boss of Bureau of National Investigation stated that their concern of a possible spillover is very worrying adding that GUNA echo the inaudible voices of children and mothers, the aged and the socially disadvantaged as well as the innocent citizens and foreigners as the reason to cease the war in Ukraine and use genuine dialogue to resolve all issues between the two countries.

The statement concluded that it is their firm believe that, the Russian Parliament will heed to their plea and call back their troops in Ukraine.

By: Paul Mamattah


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