GUNA And Restoration Foundation To Commemorate Fire Baptism With Candlelight


The Ghana United Nations Association (GUNA) and the Black Restoration Foundation, in collaboration with the Paul Bogle Foundation, will commemorate this year’s Fire Baptism with Candlelight on 24th October, 2020.


The Fire Baptism is a day to remember the millions of Africans who died as result of slavery and apartheid.

October 24 is also a day of commemoration to honour Paul Bogle, a Jamaican Baptist Deacon and activist who was a firm political adherent who helped to shape the destiny of blacks through mobilisation of Africans to fight against slavery.

His act paved the way for the establishment of just practices in the courts, which brought about a change in official attitude, which made possible the social and economic betterment of the people.

This year’s event, which would be celebrated across the world mostly in black countries in honor of hero, Paul Bogle, is themed: ‘Baptism By Candlelight’.

In a press release issued in Accra on August 5, 2020, and signed by the Administrator of the Ghana United Nations Association, Bishop Nathaniel Nii Rudolph, he called on Africans to light a candle on 24th October at 6pm as a form of goodwil to commemorate the Fire Baptism Day.

He also encouraged all to film or photograph their candle and post on social media to create a unification of the black race.

Paul Bogle, born on 1820 and died on 24th October, 1865, was a Jamaican Baptist Deacon, activist and a national hero of Jamaica.

He was a leader of the 1865 Morant Bay protesters who marched for justice and fair treatment for all the people in Jamaica.

After leading the Morant Bay rebellion, Bogle was captured by government troops, tried and convicted by British authorities under martial law, and hanged on 24th October, 1865, in the Morant.

The GUNA executives to participate in the commemoration would include the Secretary General, Christian Pardie; National President for Youth Affairs, Charles Nkrumah; Administrator, Bishop Nathaniel Nii Rudolph, and Samuel Bamidele Ojo, National Youth Affairs Secretary.

By: Paul Mamattah



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