Godwin Ako Gunn Writes: This Year Many People Will Appriciate That NDC And NPP Are Not The Same


I was at an end of year get-together when a lady approached me in anger. She complained bitterly about politicians.


I didn’t know her and where she was driving to, so I listened patiently. She’s a yet to be employed graduate from UCC, who have heard that, the NPP is planning to cancel the nurses and teacher trainees allowance, and her kid brother is in his first year.

I took a closer look at her and couldn’t miss her beauty. Her dimples were deep and could even show in her anger. She looked back at me in shock as I kept my silence and eyes on her as she spoke.

My mind went straight to the days where Okudzeto Ablakwa, Felix and other communicators were hooted at on various campuses when they tried to explain why the NDC was embarking on a program to move students from student’s allowances to student’s loan scheme.

She admitted she was then on campus. Some even dragged and stepped on NDC T-shirts.

Her soft but firm lyrical voice drew my attention back to her when she said “are you not saying anything” !!!

I broke my silence in a straight and firm voice. “I am NDC and we don’t lie, we only promise what we can do, and we remain committed to it”.

We see Ghanaians as partners in development and always walk side by side with citizens at all times, so you take us for granted. When things become difficult and impossible to reach a goal, we take responsibility and bring you up to speed with where we are, unlike others.

Be bold and admit the NPP have swindled or scammed you, that is the only way you can soberly reflect and make amends I concluded.

She could only change her initial language of I will not vote again to you people have to dp something oooo , all of us are disappointed, we want to see change !!!

On my way home, i couldn’t imagine how such a beautiful and eloquent graduate could fall for an NPP scam.

What is the use of education without the ability to analyse campaign promises and making personal decisions? Even worrying was her energy to accuse others, for the choice she made in 2016.

You can only imagine where Ghana would have been if the NDC administration had continued from 2016. Unfortunately all the gains have been eroded.

Memories fill my mind of how the ” I will restore ” campaign of the NPP went viral. Even professors joined the campaign as if a messiah have just dropped from the sky.

One of them, was Prof opanin Agyekum on peace fm. Heeerrrr !!! No week passed without him telling us another version of how his trainee allowance was used.

It took care of his books, his siblings, his parents, furthered his education, bought cutlass to work on people’s farms on vacations, paid bride price, paid for rent, bought his first parcel of land, bought his first car. Hehehehee .

I can tell that allowance even made him a shareholders of Ghana !!! POLITICS !!! I am sure if not for the student allowance, he couldn’t have neither moved his leg nor arm.

The NDC administration strategically substituted these allowances to build opportunities for students after school. Hospitals, clinics, CHP compounds etc for health workers.

Community day schools and expanding infrastructure in existing schools to create opportunities for teachers amongst others.

The NPP should tell us where these extra funds will be invested in and you will hear yet another annoying story in your ears. It is just going to support the comfort of the president.

To cover up their shame in 2022, the media must be muted and prophets silenced. Anyway I have a prophecy for you.

This year, you will see more confessions from known opponents of the NDC. You will understand many decisions that was taken prior to the 2016 elections.

You will appreciate the NDC better in 2022, and why the speaker of parliament indeed belongs to the majority who should have been in power.

Never give up on life, don’t throw your hands in despair, rather be happy for being a part of this year, because there are better days for us. Keep hope alive.

Afehyiapa !!!

Kun fa Yakun



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