Godwin Ako Gunn Writes: Lordina Mahama Will Not Refund Any Allowance


Let me bring to your attention that the former first lady will not refund any allowance today or tomorrow.


I don’t speak for her excellency Mrs Mahama, but I know with the level of respect she has for Ghanians, she will not spit in our faces by throwing our kind gestures to us , while accepting other protocols offered her .

She holds her husband in high esteem and understands that the profession her husband has chosen will bring her name constantly in the public domain .

I don’t expect her to go the way of any ungrateful person . Ghanaians will consistently break their backs to offer extra comfort and securities for every first and second families and that must be respected .

For the salaries, they have all reiterated that they don’t need it , let it rest .

Thank you your excellency Mama Theresa, this respect and silence comes with age , not with pride

Godwin Ako Gunn
Kun fa Yakun



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