Glass Nkoaa 24/7 The System Is Working !!! (A Case Of Spiritual Contempt)


I saw schnapps being poured at the shrine, followed by curses. I saw pieces of meat being thrown on the streets to the gods to act in anger against their son, and their own kinsman. They called for his death by the end of this year, or compassionately be left bedridden!!!


Let me admit I have a problem with the gods, who live in our water bodies, in stones and in trees. They don’t get angry where they need to get angry. Must they always be compelled to do the right thing?

During the construction of the Accra-Kumasi dual road, there was a tree in the way of construction which needed to be removed. Exactly where the overhead sits today at Ofankor. It needed to give way for the overpass but the gods said NO!!!

I thought they would have understood that this construction will be to the benefit of their children who they have always loved to protect. Rather sheeps, cash and bulls amongst others had to be provided before they gave way.

During the construction of the Attah Mills highway through to Korle Gonno, a similar thing also occurred, but gratefully, there was space to accommodate redesigning to go round it. The god was left to stand in the middle of the road in it’s honor and glory.

There are many like these across the country.

Today, this same gods are living in cyanide infested waters, their beautiful metals that gave them honor is being stolen and they are left naked and unashamed.

Their subjects are not getting portable water and their farms are giving way for illegality and many are left hungry.

The forest they protected, and warned us not to enter on Tuesdays and sometimes Wednesdays are being entered daily and destroyed. These criminals entered without sheeps and bulls and we never saw their anger or wrath. Our dear gods, be reminded they entered without schnapps even for courtesy sake.

The gods seems to be angry only at lawful people, or people who caution them on the wrong path they find themselves on.

Why are they not protecting their turf ? Why must they be given schnapps, fowls etc for them to protect their own duelling place? I am confused and worried!!!

Despite my worries, I will still not support anyone who speaks against the custodians of these believes and our traditional authorities in anyway.

However, I believe everyone needs a hearing !!! Judging someone without a trial, or given the opportunity to make amends if found guilty, and sentencing him to death spiritually may not be the best.

We all choose to believe in what we believe in. Some may not care, but ones Christ said we should give to Ceazar what belongs to him , I can’t argue on this. But humbly ask that the young man be heard.

Let’s keep hope alive, we will definitely get to the better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun




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