Ghana Immigration Service Engage In Flashy Recruitment Deals


The level of corruption that is being alleged amongst the Ministry of Interior and some senior officers of the Ghana immigration service is worrying.


Our checks indicates that yesterday, some young men found at the St John’s hospital and fertility centre, a private facility located at tantra Hills for their medicals created suspicion from workers and other patients who had visited the centre.

Some parents who had followed up spoke on anonymity that they had paid between 20,000 and 30,000 to ensure their wards enroll in the service, so they want to follow through the process to ensure their wards are part of those going for the medicals and must come out successfully, even if it means paying money to the health workers .

A senior officer of the immigration service who was contacted to confirm or deny this allegation, spoke on anonymity.

He denied the story and said, it can not be true because as a state institution, they do their medicals at state hospitals. They either go to the 37 military hospital or the police hospitals to ensure they have genuine reports. Anything other than that may be fictitious.

When pictures of uniformed men and medical forms were shown to him, from the St John’s hospital, he looked surprised and said with a low tone, this is not the norm, but will not comment any further. Politicians are destroying this noble profession he concluded.

Many will remember how young people queueing in the sun for long hours after buying forms at a hundred Cedis per person, with no certainty of finding the job.

With this rumours making the rounds, disappointments were seen on the faces of many who went through the stress with the hope of being part of the Ghana immigration service. We must be worried as a people with the way things are turning out to be.



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