Ghana At 65, Our Brassier Cannot Hold Out Breast


The saying used to be, cut your cloth according to your size, but in this days of uncertainties, you rather change the style to match your size. No one will spare you an extra piece. If you don’t understand, please go to court, the comfort zone of a certain party.


Ghana, at age 65, no district could get the usual support from central government for the independence day commemoration.

At 65, the country has been grounded so bad that, the President couldn’t present the State of the Nation’s Address, prior to the independence day.

How easy it is, to accuse your predecessor, spend savings he made for , yet would not congratulate him for the gains he made. Did I hear the president say he can not do it alone? Since when did he know this ? The chicken has come home to roost.

In the second terms of many administration, reality will dawn on you. It will be insane or stupid to still point fingers at your predecessor. At this point, when you begin gasping for breath, everyone will see the ass you have been all these while.

Ghana at age 60, was ratted B+, portraying a beautiful woman with beads all around the waist, strong breasts that cannot be overlooked even at night. Quality jewels all around her neck, arms and wrists. It’s fragrance was felt miles away. Our steps were full of confidence and pride.

Today at 65, our breast are abnormally fallen and uncovered, nipples looking down in search of what we do not know.

Our waist can no more hold it’s beads, neither can our knees carry our bulky weight !!!

At 65, we are rated C with a negative outlook. Oh Ghana our motherland, where did we go wrong!!!

Let us not give up, on this nation, however bad things may have been ruined. With discipline, we can be able to get ourselves out of this quagmire. All is not lost.

We can only boast of previous achievements, In sports, economy, education and all. See where the so called doctors and professors have gotten our nation to. We have the men ampa !!!

It hurts when you cannot sincerely accept accolades in your name like …
Ghana, the black stars of Africa
Ghana, the gateway to Africa
Oh Ghana, our motherland
We have sunk too low !!!

Ghana will certainly rise again!!!
Our voice will be found in the market place.
There are better days ahead and our sun will soon shine again.
Happy birthday Ghana !!!
Happy women’s day to our women.

Kun fa Yakun



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