Get The Microphone Back To Hon. Osei Kyei Mensah Bonsu


People may make mistake for the first time. Sometimes given another opportunity, things may not look the same any more. Out of fear, people may also say things they didn’t mean to say !!!


There is no doubt that many believe this is a man’s world, but men are always in the hands of women. They turn men to the direction they want. If you have ever fallen in love, let’s not argue here. Don’t look far into the bible and see how Eve gave Adam a good treat of apple in the garden of Eden, Sampson and how Delilah humbly placed his head on her laps, Solomon , his father etc. Don’t look far Just look at your own self my brother !!!

It may be a man’s world , but it’s controlled by women !!!

Yesterday, I was glued to my chair, seeing the spot light on a very brilliant woman taking all of us to the lecture room. Lecturing us on our historical roots and why we must remain one as a people irrespective of our tribal backgrounds.

She lectured us on civics, and our responsibilities as a people. With this day and age, must we kill because someone is a witch? Must we insult ourselves because we belong to different political parties?

Mummy, you lectured me on modern day political science with no attack on your political opponents, and no fake promises.

Sitting in the hall, I got a message from a known NPP friend of mine back in the days who just sent a test message which read ” I AM CONVINCED ” She acknowledged the confidence and etiquette with which you spoke and never tried to comment on the many attacks on you since your name was mentioned.

She added that, with your actions, you proved them wrong !!!

Just as Mordecai appealed to Esther on behalf of the Jews in Esther 4:14B ” Who knows if, perhaps you were made queen for just a time as this? “

Ghana is on a rescue mission , it has just been proven that this mission must have both sexes. You are the woman of the moment to help rescue this nation.

For the pessimistic, for the faint hearted, for those who were not convinced initially, and lastly for those who THREW JABS AT HER AND WOMANHOOD , this is a nice time to reflect !!!

She cometh,
She stands tall
She is modest
She is an accomplished woman
She is ready for the rescue mission

I see better days ahead !!!

Kun Fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn



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