George Ashley Installed As Chief Of Weija


Mr. George Ashley has been installed as Chief of Weija by the recognised family heads of the community in the Ga-South Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.


The 62 year old Chief carries the stool name of Nii Otokunor Banfro II (the second). He is domiciled in Canada and is a Mechanical Engineer by profession.

According to the Dzaasetse for Weija, Nii Danyinase Ogbedada I, who until the historic installation acted as the Chief said the Chief had been installed with the consent, concurrence and involvement of the recognized representatives of the entire people of Weija.

Nii said: “like any Ghanaian traditional setting, Weija practices the chieftaincy rule where we have leaders such as the chief, queen-mother, stool father, Oshipi, Mankralo and others who were all outdoored and took turns to swear the oath of allegiance to the Dzaasetse, Nii Danyinase Ogbedada I, Asfoatse, Nii Ayi Pampanku I, among others.

“These positions are occupied by people duly nominated, elected and installed after thorough screening.” Nii stressed.

“We strongly feel that at this age and time of human development, Weija like any community that has foresight, needs analytic minds to steer the affairs of her people.”

“For the foregoing I wish to congratulate Nii Otokunor Banfro II and his gallant brothers and sisters for demonstrating to all citizens of Weija that they are more than capable of handling the administration of Weija if granted the opportunity.”

By: Wilfred Otoo


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