Ga Mantse Registers For Voter ID Card


The Ga Mantse, His Royal Majesty King Tackle Teiko Tsuru II, has registered for the new voters’ Identification Card at polling station located near the Ashieduketeke sub-metro of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.


He was accompanied by the Abola Mantse, Nii Ahene Nunoo, Asafoatse of the Ga State, Asafoatse Mankatah, his Okyeame and other elders of the Ga state.

His Royal Majesty King Tackle Teiko Tsuru II, was assisted to undertake the Covid-19 protocol of washing of hands with soap under running water, body temperature check before he was admitted to the registration area to go through the process.

It took the Ga Mantse barely 15 minuets to go through the registration process, and was issued with his voter identification cards.

Addressing the media after obtaining his card, His Royal Majesty King Tackle Teiko Tsuru II, noted that most people have registered and the registration exercise has been peaceful despite few challenges in some parts of the country.

He lauded the various political parties for restraining their supporters from indulging in any form of violence in the registration process especially in Accra.

His Royal Majesty King Tackle Teiko Tsuru II, appealed to the NDC and the NPP and other political parties competing in this year’s general elections to maintain the peace we are enjoying before, during and after the elections.

He cautioned the political parties not to use force of violence to disturb the peace the country currently enjoying.

His Royal Majesty King Tackle Teiko Tsuru II, stressed the need for Ghanaians to be due diligence and adherence to health and safety standards protocols to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He urged Ghanaians particularly residents of the Greater Accra region to follow religiously the measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

Nii Ga stated that Ghanaians must constantly wash their hands with soap for under running water, use alcohol based sanitisers, keep social distancing from people they interacted with and sneeze into tissues and immediately dispose them off.

By: Ghanaianvoice



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