From Pastorate To Wor-Lumor; A Man After The Deities Heart Part 2




The Gborbu Wulɔmɔ Shitsɛ Nuumo Borketey Lawe Tsuru “ Bormawu” confined him and performed all the mandatory rites of the Nai Wulɔmɔ for him. He thanked the ancestors for this privilege because only few past Gborbu wulomɛi have performed the special rites for a true descendant of Lakote Aduawushi as the Nai Wulɔmɔ.

Nuumo Gborbu performed Klomɔ Tsumliwɔɔ, Butrumwɔɔ, also place Lakote Aduawushi’s hands in the Tsese (wooden bowl) at Kpowulunɔ, the official residence of founder of Nungua Wɔ Nii Konɔ Borketey Lawe l, induction into the Gborbu Koo (Sacred Forest) and the Tsile/Asongo dance before he presented Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi to the people as the New Nai Wulɔmɔ.

Those who assisted the Gborbu wulɔmɔ in performing the rites were Nuumo Borketey Osualey Oofu Wulɔmɔ, Nuumo Gborbu Bortey (Gborbu priest), Aawɔn Opobi, Aanyakuade, Naa Ayomoade Wor Dokunyoo and Naa Ohimia Bortsoo (the oldest amongst all the priestesses and head of Wɔyei who had witnessed three installations of Gborbu Wulomɛi) When the fowls were slaughter, “all were white” (wuɔi eyɛ futaa) which connotes Victory and Acceptance by the deities.

Immediately Aawɔn Opobi began to invoke the name Afunya! Afunya! Afunya! to confirm Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi as the rightful Nai wulɔmɔ .

According to Nuumo Lakote he didn’t know that that was his name; Aawɔn Opobi was the first person to call him Afunya. Oofu wulɔmɔ confessed that due to what transpired in the Gborbu koo, he is convinced beyond every reasonable doubt that Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi is the rightful Nai before he performed his bathing rituals.

After the completion of the rites, Nuumo Borketey Laweh Tsuru gave his blessings and as tradition demands send some people to escort Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi to the Ga Mashie and Nungua boundary.

Nuumo Lakote returned to Nai Shiã Wulu on 26th September 2010 and was confined for 3 weeks for the final rites to be performed on him as the New Nai wulɔmɔ.

After going through all the mandatory rites as custom and tradition demands he was outdoored on the 26th October 2010 at Osaamatsoshishi. Kpele was performed to confirm him as the new Nai Wulɔmɔ.

The accredited elders of Shitsɛ Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi Family who installed Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi are Nuumobi Lartey (Family Head), Lakote Nii Lartey Senior, Aawɔn Tɔtrɔɔ, Aawɔn Omanu, Aawɔn Baakan, Aawɔn Bosuafi (Bortianor), Ataawɔn Afunya, Larkor, Ataa Asheley Wɔŋtsɛ (President of the priest and priestesses of Ga Mashie) and so on.

It should be noted that the uniqueness of Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi’s libation is purely divine. No mortal taught him how to pour libation. The deities taught him.

Lakote Kusumtsɛ, Afunya, Aawɔn Omanu, Ashaley Wɔŋtsɛ, Tɔtrɔɔ wɔyoo, Aawɔn Bosuafi, Bentum wulɔmɔ and Bosuafi wulɔmɔ were tasked to teach him but he told them he will pray after which they can add to what they know. After he prayed, they were so amazed that they confessed Nuumo Lakote knew better than them. There is nothing to add. It was beyond their comprehension.

Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi was finally to be ushered to Nai We (Palace) on 14th December 2010 but some usurpers ambushed the palace with guns and caused riots. As peace loving people, the elders prudently withdrew and reported to the Ga Traditional Council to settle the issue. Till date, the Ga Traditional has still not solve the issue for Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi to take his rightful place at Nai palace as the authentic Nai wulɔmɔ


Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi has undergone all the mandatory rites as demanded by Ga tradition and customs as the Nai wulɔmɔ. The challenges of GaDaŋme are many and time is not our side. Shitse Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi has been chosen by the deities and sent by God to solve the issues of GaDaŋme. The power has been bestowed upon Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi to restore glory back to GaDaŋme.

Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi has been a man of peace all his life with passion for righteousness and human development. Nothing can redefine his calm nature and quietness of spirit.

The Ga Traditional Council must prudently put in all effort to ensure Truth and Justice prevails so that Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi will take over Nai We palace and fulfill his divine assignment as the Nai wulɔmɔ. GaDaŋmes “Ichabod” and Chaos can only disappear when they recognized Shitsɛ Nuumo Lakote Aduawushi as their father and authentic Nai Wulɔmɔ.

Tswa Omanye aba!

Nuumo Aklɛtsɛ Ayi Kputua II

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