Forget The Galamsy Fight, A Decorated Donkey Is In Charge


Happy Eid-ul-Fitr to my Muslim family. May Allah receive our prayers.


On Wednesday, I saw a video of a man wickedly shot in the groin, his intestines were out and scattered, with his left leg hanging and falling.

I have seen another, where a young man was on the ground weeping uncontrollably while an excavator was in flames

In all these, we have been informed , directly or indirectly that the government knows all those involved in this galamsey. Why will a president take all its citizens for fools?

May all those who have lost their lives rest in peace. You were just killed for cosmetic reasons to show that something is being done, to cover their shame.

We are under the leadership of an insincere leader with no morals. All his morals if any, are centred on himself, his family and friends or party. Sad !!!

Shamefully, speeches are being written for chiefs to read, then given to selected media houses to publish, sycophantic newscasters and show hosts will be called on to amplify.

The hollow communicators and serial callers will be on set saying, this call is from a chief, a statesman etc and not a politician so let’s unite and fight this menace, while they import excavators for the same thing, the irony of it.

We will be looking out for Chiefs with prepared speeches. This stupidity must stop. Betraying your kinsmen for peanuts. Thank you Asantehene for your honesty .

I have given up on this galamsey fight under Nana Addo. I can now confidently confirm that a decorated donkey is still an Ass . The Ghanaian will continue to suffer for nothing. In all this, no foreigner has suffered any brutality. Aisha Whan and Osafo Marfo on my mind.

For me, it’s only an idiot who will believe in this administration or an NPP person who wants to believe in their own lies.

I move, waiting to see the better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By : Godwin Ako Gunn


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