First Picture Of Ronaldinho As A Prisoner In Paraguay


The first picture of Ronaldinho as a prisoner have been revealed after a court in Paraguay refused the former Barcelona player bail as he posed too much of a ‘flight risk.’


On Thursday the Brazil legend was arrested in Paraguay for allegedly trying to enter the country using a fake passport, along with his brother, with the documentation claiming the duo were from the country they were trying to enter.

Now the first image of Ronaldinho the prisoner has been released by Unicanal journalist Hernan Rodriguez, who tweeted the picture.

The judge made the ruling to keep Ronaldinho in confinement on Saturday under the belief that he would flee the country before the trail if he were allowed to go.

However the 39-year-old was left in a police holding cell rather than transferred to a jail because of his profile as a footballer.

Both Ronaldinho and his brother are due to appear in front of the judge again on Monday and lawyer Sergio Queiroz will ask for their release back to Brazil.

Queiroz has claimed the former player didn’t know the passports were faked, telling Yahoo Sports, “Ronaldinho did not commit a crime because he did not know that the passport they gave him was faked.”

The judge explained that the maximum time for the investigation period is six months, giving the prospect of the former player spending that much time in prison, though it may not take that long.

Appeals for house arrest were rejected because there wasn’t enough information on the house that the brothers were meant to be staying in.

The Brazilian is in Paraguay to ‘attend conferences sponsored by charities that work with disadvantaged children.’


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