Fellow Ghanaians Must End


Your excellency, you have said enough , we have listened enough !!!


It is time we also tell you what we have . You must also listen to us . Things are not adding up .

Can you imagine that, i can not sit close to anyone in church, but when church closes, I can sit close to the same person I was avoiding in trotro for the duration of our journey back home ?

The inconsistencies are becoming too many. Science and data is what the President claims he is relying on, but unfortunately the data is not adding up Mr. President .

This whole campaign trick started with a midnight broadcast. For whatever reason, no one knows . You addressed the nation when almost all the population are asleep. I dont know what that is
Supposed to achieve, especially when its alleged that , the program is even recorded. The truth is, I feel it’s a game to avoid meeting the press and angry citizens.

President Kuffour met the media and the citizens throughout his term in office. Prof mills and John Mahama did same. It’s your turn Nana Addo. Don’t hide your failures with this evening deliveries because we have questions to ask you.

Your excellency, give us a date for a meet the press, we will sit quietly like a fully packed trotro that you have recommended to start operation.

Dont be afraid or shy of us because you have advocated that life must return to normal. We have a lot of questions for you now.

You have given us a lot of information, but it looks like you are not prepared to listen to us .

Before the date comes out, kindly be thinking of these questions on my mind;

  1. Where are the ceased excavators?
  2. How did you spend the 54 million on food items during the lockdown ?
  3. What is the role of PDS in our electricity distribution now?
  4. What are your comments on Hawa Koomson’s shooting spree at Kasoa , or the same Ayawaso position right ?
  5. Ghanians outside Ghana are asking for more affordable hotels so they can be quarintine for the 2 weeks and not your expensive selected party hotels.
  6. What will be the protocol for SHS students who have been infected with COVID and couldn’t write the final exams.
  7. What is this Assase Royalties noise I am hearing mr. President ?
  8. How far with your galamsey fight ?

The ordinary Ghanians have more questions to ask, make a date for us.

Your excellency, your time is up. No further juju and tricks can save you .

Ghanians are waiting for better days ahead with JM and Jane.

Kun Fa Yakun

By : Godwin Ako Gunn



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