Electrochem Ghana Activities Causing Flooding In Ada West Communities


Some communities in and around the Songor Lagoon in the West Ada District of the Greater Accra Region have been cut off from reach as a result of Wednesday night’s torrential rain.


Residents found it difficult to commute in and out of the communities because their access routes have been submerged cutting them from reaching Sege and Ada Junction, the business centres of the area.

Not only is Sangor Lagoon known for its quality natural salt production over centuries, but the lagoon also serves as a major reservoir that holds water that comes from Osudoku and Battor Aveyime areas when it rains thereby preventing flooding of communities around.

However, the situation presently is dire such that, Electrochem Ghana Limited, a company that maximise returns from salt and chemical industries, through its activities has deposited hips of mud scooped from their ponds in the heart of Sege Sonkorpe on a natural watercourse which has blocked running water from flowing to its destination thereby flooding the road which links the above community to Sege, the district capital.

To worsen the situation, the very opening of water into the Songor Lagoon at Kposem near Goi has also been blocked causing the large volume of water from other regions and districts to flood communities around.

Okada operators had to swim with their motorbikes across with passengers as vehicles dared not attempt to access the route to the community or risk breaking their engines.

A community leader, Abraham Ahumah Tetteh Karimu, spoke about the situation to say, over 30 communities around the Sangor Lagoon stand the risk of being displaced should the blockade at Goi is not removed immediately as the rains continue.

“We complained about Electrochem’s activities right from the outset and we were considered enemies of progress. We have lived here for about four hundred years and witnessed heavy rains with no floorings. EPA and Minerals Commission reneged on their mandates leading to the situation that we are faced with presently” He asserts.

Mr. Karimu, therefore, appealed to officials of NADMO and the Minerals Commission to visit the place and do the needful before disaster strikes.

Whilst Eva Anglerh expressed worry about how to convey the remains of her dead mother to the community the next day for burial due to a lack of access route to and from the community, Amadu Dametey says his pepper farm has submerged as a result of the development.

“Realising the coming of the flooding due to the hipped mud, I started creating a tunnel to avoid flooding of my farm but I was overwhelmed in no time. About a thousand Ghana Cedis I invested in the farm has gone down the drain and my fate in is the balance now” the septuagenarian farmer laments.

By: Ghanaianvoiceonline.com


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