EC must stop treating the Eminent Advisory Committee with Disdain


The Inter-party Resistance Against the New Voter’s Register expresses it utter disappointment in the conduct of the EC after the near brawl and inconclusive deliberations at the Coconut Groove Hotel.


We take particular note of the statement issued by the EC after the meeting held under auspices of the Eminent Advisory Committee.

Even though the meeting was an IPAC
meeting, it was held at the instance of the EAC, hence the expectation is that the EAC releases a communique as has been the practice with the EAC meetings.

Besides it was agreed as part of
the ground rules for the meeting to issue a Communique after the deliberations and same was
drafted, read and agreed before the meeting ended, yet has not been released.

It therefore came to us as a shock when we read the public statement from the Commission capriciously purporting to cast a verdict on the discussions in favour of the EC.

As if that was not enough, today we saw publication in the newspapers, announcing recruitment of electoral officers for the compilation of a new register even before the EAC
could make any further advise.

This in the view of the Resistance, is an tantamount to gross disdain and disregard for the ECs own Eminent Advisory Committee and all stakeholders involved in the deliberations.

This disdain follows, the announcement of the date for the commencement of the registration
exercise ahead of the dialogue of the matter requested for by the Eminent Advisory Committee.

This we consider not only an act of bad faith to all the stakeholders but also an act of utter disrespect to the ECs own establishment, the Eminent Advisory Committee.

The Resistance finds it curious that, less than 12 hours after the meeting, the agreed communique with the Eminent Advisory Committee has not been released but rather all deceptive and misleading verdict of what transpired has been reported by a party in the deliberation, the EC.

This points to the fact that, the EC could be misleading the Eminent
Advisor and using them to advance a parochial interest of embarking of this wasteful self serving expedition.

Clearly, we were not invited to advance a consensus at all.
We therefore in the interest of transparency and fairness demand the EAC to release the agreed communique read and approved by the parties involved in the dialogue and take steps to proceed with the content as agreed.

For the avoidance of doubt we agreed, the meeting was inconclusive and that the avenue for continuous dialogue should be opened so as to allow Inter Party Resistance Against the New Voter Register parties to arrive at a consensus and whiles at it, a platform should be created for technical teams of the political parties to engage with the EC technical team.

In view of the foregoing the Resistance wishes to announce the escalation of our public manifestations and further declare that the Y3npini March to the EC on Tuesday 4th February,

We shall converge at Kawukudi Park, Accra and March through Kanda to the EC and to the Liberation Circle (Children’s Park).

Let’s all rally together to defend and protect our democracy and the integrity of our electoral

Long Live the Resistance!!
Long Live Ghana
Aluta Continue!! Victoria Ascerta!!!

Comrade Bernard Mornah
(On behalf of the Inter Party Resistance Against the New Register)


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