Dr. Lawrence Write—
Suddenly 85 Ministers Is The BEST For Ghana


I heard there was a release from the temporary presidency that Nana Addo is going to reduce the number of Ministers from 125 to 85, and the NPP are hailing him. They are saying it is a step in the right direction. So what direction did the 125 Ministers go? Didn’t the NDC, including myself, say the 125 Ministers was wrong, useless and a waste of our resources? When we said that, didn’t the NPP defend it?


They defended 125 Ministers and now they are defending 85 Ministers. When we say the current NPP is a party without direction, vision and principles, some people say we are insulting them. But what else should we do?

One nice reason care-taker Nana Addo has given for the reduction of the Ministers is that they have finished with the reasons they were created. They say stuff like this to Ghanaians as if we wash our face upwards. In the four years of Nana Addo’s term, what did those 40 Ministers start and how did they finish them?

Don’t you agree with me that before care-taker Nana Addo presented the first list of his appointees to parliament, he should have apologized to Ghanaians for defending 125 Ministers? Shouldn’t he also apologize to Ghanaians for wasting our resources with 40 extra Ministers we didn’t need? When we said the extra 40 Ministers was job for the boys, didn’t Nana Addo and the NPP insult us and called us names?

Now, suddenly 85 Ministers is the best for Ghana and those who were blind are seeing that we were right from 2017.

So who in his/her right mind voted for Nana Addo to be the President again when the people knew he was wasting our resources? Do you see why I keep saying Ghanaians never voted again for Nana Addo? Now that he has realized his mistakes, he is reducing the Ministers to 85.

You see, a country without the right leadership is always a confused country. The Presidency of Nana Addo was not good since 2017 and it will never ever be good for Ghana. The Supreme Court Judges should know that the longer Nana Addo stays in power, the more he will mess up the country.

Just look at the first list of care taker appointees he has submitted to parliament. It is like there are no men to run the country. I hope the NDC majority in the Appointments Committee will vet them based on their records. No CV should be entertained there. They should also uphold the 1992 constitution by ensuring that everyone’s vote is secret. The nonsense in Ghana MUST stop.

Dr. Lawrence Appiah, the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement (DPM) in USA.


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