Dophil Roofing Systems, EPA Sensitise Public On Circular Economy


Dophil Roofing Systems, a fast growing Company in the roofing industry in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over the weekend sensitized the general public about the need to keep their used plastics for re-use while keeping our environment clean.


The sensitisation was made through education and exhibition in commemoration of Global Recycling Day 2022 which falls on Friday, the 18th day of March, 2022.

Speaking to the media on the sidelines of the event, the General Manager of Dophil roofing systems, Dzifa Hanyabui disclosed that her outfit agreed to partner with EPA, a major stakeholder in Plastic waste management in order help in the sensitisation process across the country.

“We are here to exhibit the value we have added to plastic waste in the system”, she added.

Additionally, she mentioned that the products on exhibition were mainly made up of recycled plastic waste materials with some other non- chemical additives making the products both eco and human friendly.

“We have come out with this Roofing tiles because as a company, we are looking at more sustainable method of roofing, long lasting, non-rust, mon-fadeable and does not pose any health hazard”, she emphasized.

As regards to heat generation often characterised with plastics, the General Manager was quick to add that, the Ecophil roofing Tiles has received Certification from CSRI after a rigorous and thorough check, passing it as heat resistant, soundproof as well as fire resistant.

Mrs. Hanyabui hinted that, her outfit after extensive research, has introduced a new range of eco-friendly roofing solutions, named Ecophil roofing Tiles.

Commenting further, Mrs. Hanyabui stated that, Dophil Roofing Systems, a subsidiary of the Dophil Group is a fast growing company in the roofing industry which was established in September 2010.

“We have a commitment not only to provide roofing needs but also to execute
our work with integrity and accountability hence building a strong relationship
and goodwill with our clients” he said.

The the Ecophil roofing tiles is environmentally friendly and does not pose any health hazard during production and use”, Mrs. Hanyabui assured.

She seized the opportunity to admonish the general public to take advantage of the economic plastic usage by piling up their plastic waste materials and call Dophil Systems for a pickup and a financial reward.

For his part, the Deputy Executive Director, Technical Services – EPA, Ebenezer Appah Sampong stated that the National Plastic policy being pursued by government aims at promoting the concept of circular economy.

“Promoting or turning what is considered to be waste to value we hope to upscale this, working with them and other groups to promote a circular economy for plastics”, he stressed.

“We will do well as an Agency in the Environmental protection space to increase our pace in ensuring that we fully implement the policy”, Mr. Sampong assured.

In educating the public about their contributions to recycling, he encouraged the citizenry to reduce the use of plastic, segregate waste, reuse items as much as they can, resort to paperless and also educate others about recycling.

By: Kingsley Asiedu/Contributor


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