Distribute the Procured School Desks Now – Nungua MCE Told


An aggrieved youth group around KroMA cluster of schools in the Larweh Electoral Area at Krowor Municipality has charged the Municipal Chief Executive, MCE, Joshua Bortey to distribute the newly procured school desks immediately.


A group member, Johnson Nee Quaye argued that because the MCE, Mr. Bortey is insensitive to the plight of the pupils and students of the KroMA cluster of schools, he refused to distribute the newly bought school desks for the kids sit on.

After the working visit paid by the Assembly member to KroMA cluster of schools in the Larweh Electoral Area, Lawrence Nii Bortey Borquaye, and the subsequent reportage of the poor conditions under which the students/kids study, there was unsuccessful request to replace these broken desks and fill the classrooms with new desks.

Nee Quaye alleged the Assembly procured the desks since 2019 for distribution but the desks have been packed at the Assembly’s Education Directorate compound at Adogono and left under the mercies of the weather.

Following the hue and cry about the poor state of desks at the KroMA cluster of schools, the Assembly authorised only 20 pieces of dua and mono desks to be sent to the KroMA cluster of schools instead.

The youth group expects the Assembly to first ascertain the desk needs by coming to inspect the situation and provide enough desks in each classroom, but they just sent 20 pieces of desks to KroMA 5 & 6 side.

The youth further argued that the 20 pieces of desks presented is woefully inadequate as only one classroom was catered for leaving out the entire block.

The 3 & 4 side of the KroMA cluster of schools, the KG and primary session, do not have enough desks for the kids where some pupils are manageing to sit on broken desks which makes learning very difficult.

The youth group quizzed why was the MCE and the MP, madam Elizabeth Afoley Quaye are punishing these innocent pupils? “……why are they not distributing the desks the Assembly procured since 2019 and packed them at the compound of the Education Directorate under the mercies of the weather whilst innocent pupils are learning under such inhuman conditions?”, they added.

“If any of their children is a student in the KroMA cluster of schools will they allow them to sit on the floor, kneel and squat or sit in three on such broken desks whilst the Assembly has procured desks to be distributed to these kids since 2019”, Johnson Quaye posed.

He further stated that it was important for the MCE, Mr. Bortey and his corroborated MP, Madam Afoley Quaye to note that the Education Act, Act 778, 2008, Section 2 clause 3 states that, “A District Assembly shall subject to section 3, provide the necessary infrastructure needs and any other facilities for the education of the population in the area of its authority.”

He further posited that, “the minister shall take measures for the effective decentralization of executive responsibility for the provision and management of basic and second cycle schools to the District Assemblies”.

To this effect, the youth group in the area indicated that with the establishment of KroMA and the Education Directorate implies the executive powers have been well decentralized and the Assembly must be held responsible for the educational needs of the people.

In addition, the youth group are calling on the people of Nungua, parents of these pupils and the traditional leaders of Nungua to as a matter of urgency, impress on the MP and the MCE to distribute these desks to the pupils of the KroMA cluster of schools.

“….Is unfathomable how students are sitting on broken chairs, kneeling and squatting to learn in this 21st century, I am pleading on behalf of these innocent pupils”, Johnson Quaye lamented.

By: Elikplim K. Awuyeh


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