Did NPP Say Breaking The Eight Or Breaking The Eeeiiii !!!


Justice got me laughing this morning when he screamed at everything I said.


When I said I can’t make it to the meeting, he said oh!!! When I advised that meeting locations should factor distances because of fuel prices, he said eeeiiii !!!

Truth be told, when I heard the eeiii I thought he said eight.

The Nana Bawumia administration after breaking the eight has left every Ghanaian in shock at the prices of commodities.

When you get to the glossary shop, the new sound you hear is eeeiii !!!! hmmm, or better still aden !!!!

The price of plantain that the agric minister said was 3 cedis is now being sold at 50 cedis.

Mosquito spray that use to sell at 9 cedis is being sold at 14 cedis. Can you talk about prices without mentioning the price of kenkey and fish? 1cedi Kooko is no more being sold.

I am not a medical doctor but one thing I can say per experience is that the sound eeeeiiii, hhhmmm , ooohhhh etc, is God’s concept of taking excess shock, from the body to reduce our blood pressure under Nana Addo’s administration.

Nana Bawumia cannot kill us, my eeeiii this morning is just managing my shock at the glossary shop. I am even afraid to branch to the fueling station. Nana after breaking the eight, help us break the eeeeiii, times are hard !!!

Let’s keep hopes alive, there are better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By Godwin Ako Gunn


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