Danger! School Children Risk Drowning On Volta Lake


The lives of school children of Aflive, Adjim and Perdiatorkorpe in the Aflive-Alorkpem-Azizakpe Electoral Area of the Ada East District in the Greater Accra region are at risk of drowning as a result of broken down footbridges.


The woods have rotten and the four footbridges have virtually collapsed leaving a couple of two-by-four skeletons standing, exposing the children to danger. Pupils on the island sometimes swim across streamlets of the Volta Lake before arriving at school exposing them to danger as a result of broken down footbridges.

The development has become a major concern to parents because several calls for authorities attention to their plight have fallen flat.

The Member of Parliament for the Ada East Constituency, Comfort Doyo Kudjoe Ghansah soon after her maiden election in 2012 constructed the wooden footbridges in question over the streamlets to link the above communities. This was to primarily mitigate the hurdle children go through to access school.

Eight years down the line, the woods have all rotten and the four footbridges have virtually broken down leaving a couple of skeletons standing, a situation which beckons a disaster.

Pupils sometimes during high tides fall in the streamlets when crossing, and as a result arrive at school with wet school uniforms and books. Others even return home as a result of their books being destroyed in attempts to cross at all cost, or they are unable to walk on such scary skeletal structures.

The situation is such dicey that, community folks have to run to the rescue of pupils in some cases when they fall in to avoid drowning.

Some parents have to prevent their wards from schooling with the fear of losing them in the event of falling into the brooks.

Women in labour from other communities are flanked by able men and carried to the nearest CHIPS compund at Perdiatorkorpe due to the bad nature of the wooden footbridges. A lady recently lost her baby after delivering in the middle of the journey when she was being taken to the health centre.

Evans Larweh is a Unit Committee Member, he said the present situation is affecting commuting, especially school children. He therefore appealed to the authorities to give their present predicament an urgent attention before disaster strikes.

Nyemingor Kisseh, a parent also says they most of the time fall in the streamlets with their luggage when crossing on the trap bridges, adding that she is compelled to keep her children at home due to the prevailing circumstance.

Ghanaian Voice met some pupils who were returning from school who said the situation discourages them from going to school each day, as they feel rejected by authorities. They pleaded with the Assembly to come to their aid to also have access to school and become like them

Meanwhile, Ghanaian Voice independent checks indicates that the member of parliament has assessed the situation and presented the budget to the Ada East District Assembly since her outfit is currently incapacitated, but the Assembly is yet to respond to the plight of the affected communities.

By: Edward Tetteh


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