COVID-19: This Is The Time To Draw Closer To Our Maker – Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi


The problems and fears we encompass today are as a result of our stubbornness and disrespect for our ancestors’ way of life.


No sicknesses of plagues, that have no cure in the time of the old when our forefathers truly communicated and heard from the Almighty through a medium that is confirmed, trusted and reliable.

So long as we continue burning our roots and denigrating the ways of our ancestors rather than understanding and improving them, we shall remain, second class, if not third class with nothing original to show the world.

I grew up in a community where we had less “foreign religious worship centers”, with adequate security, respect for elders and focused youths. There was nothing called suicide, robbery, fraud, dishonest behaviors back then.

Should you take what belongs to someone else or sleep with someone else’s wife, you will reap the reward instantly.

My parents’ house never had security doors or CCTV all around our compound, the police officers then did not carry guns around.

They only patrolled our streets with a black baton (short black painted wood). But, what do we see today? foreign religious “business” centers around with some of their leaders driving in the most expensive latest cars and residing within porch estates in the cities, while their followers wallow in poverty, false-hope and modern-day slavery.

It is high time every one of us knows the real truth. We do not need to keep fooling ourselves by still following religious leaders that cannot intercede for us in times of trouble be it spiritual or physical.

Many religious houses are shut down due to the fear of the unknown. Can’t we fight Corona Virus spiritually with the science alongside? Where are our first-class science students? Where are our televangelist and those super-rich religious leaders that daily “communicate” with God as they claimed?

Can you imagine buying so-called spiritual items for protection and those selling such items are driving around our streets with armed police escorts and bodyguards? Corona Virus is a little test of our faith and many known foreign religion “advocates” are nowhere to be found.

It is high time we all returned to our forefathers’ faith and method of worshiping the only true maker and creator of Heaven and earth. Many of us grew up with the wrong religion and many still remain in it due to individual background and foundation.

I have come to realize at the moment that the real method of our ancestor’s religion was based on the truth, honesty, respect and above all fear of the creator of heaven and earth.

I call on all the African religious leaders, I mean the genuine ones and not those money-conscious leaders to as a matter of urgency cry out to our forefathers and ancestors for a solution to the plague that is threatening our human existence.

Kudos to all the traditional rulers, the Babalawos, Priest/Priestess and other believers in some Africa countries for their prayers, sacrifices and Ipese they are offering to our maker at the moment. May Almighty Olodumare (God) accept your prayers.

By: Amb. Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi – President Yoruba Community Greater Accra


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