COVID-19: The Count, Praise And The Politics


Dr. Lawrence write:


When Sammy Awuku said they will use the handling of COVID-19 to campaign for votes; when Nana Akuffo-Addo said he will build 88 district and 6 regional hospitals in the midst of COVID-19 and when Dr. Bawumiah could only compare dumsor to COVID-19, then you should know that the NPP has realized that COVID-19 is a hard political ball and they are playing it.

I have advised that people should see through what the NPP are doing and if Dr. Bawumiah’s reckless comparison is not a wake up call, then I don’t know what the NDC is waiting for.

The NPP will continue to praise Akuffo-Addo for doing a fantastic job even if the confirmed cases of COVID-19 reaches 10,000.

They will use science and fictions to defend it, as they have thrown away their earlier WHO statement: “If you move, you move with the virus, so stay home” when the virus started with two patients in Washington State, Donald Trump didn’t want to hear about it. He called it a Chinesevirus. Then 1000, 5000, 10000, and the Republicans were praising him for doing a fabulous job of containing the virus.

So it wouldn’t be surprising if the NPP will continue to praise Akuffo-Addo for doing a fantastic job even if the confirmed cases of COVID-19 reaches 10,000.

Today, we have over 1.2 million people who have been affected and the Democrats have given him a name and an award. An award he wishes goes away immediately because of the November elections.
Isn’t it what the NPP and some doctors are doing to Nana Addo? The virus started with 2 imported patients.

When it got to a little over 100 cases, the country was partially locked down. The reason given was that, when we move, the virus moves. So it was better to restrict our movement to our homes.
The virus cases got to 1042 and the wisdom of the President told him to lift the partial restrictions. The reason was that the President relied on science.

When the cases got to 2000, we were told it has reached its peak and immediately, the communicators were on radio and TV praising the President. The same story was told when the cases got to a little over 3000. Today, we have 4,700 people who have tested positive to the Coronavirus and NPP are still praising the President, because of elections.

Ladies and gentlemen, due to the recklessness and negligence of Nana Akufo-Addo, Coronavirus is here in Ghana. We are fighting it after we allowed it in. It has affected 4,700 people and killed at least 22 people. There are some countries in the world with zero COVID-19 cases and or zero deaths.

(Ebola on my mind) Have you asked yourself why Ghana can’t compare itself to such countries, but always comparing itself to countries who have equally failed? Don’t you see the government didn’t do everything possible to protect the citizenry? The government and the NPP party have given all indications that they will do politics with COVID-19.

When the infected cases gets to 10,000, we will still have the party praising the President. Use your thump to tell the President and his party that you know they brought Coronavirus to Ghana and you are not forgiving them. Vote against them in December. This NPP virus too shall pass.

Dr. Lawrence Appiah, Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement (DPM) based in USA.


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