COVID-19: Light Foundation Commends Corporate Organisations For Supporting Government


The CEO of the light foundation, Sheikh Ali Abubakar Napari has lauded the efforts of Individuals, Institutions and corporate bodies for their enormous supports to the vulnerable towards the fight against COVID-19 in the midst of the lockdown.


He disclosed this when he interacted with a section of the press after an interfaith dialogue on Facebook organised by the light foundation in Accra.

According to to him, although Government continues to supports citizens especially residents in regions that are locked down due to the deadly pandemic, there was the need for people to support each other particularly the less privileged in society.

He noted” The battle should not be left for government alone. A pandemic of this nature needs everybody’s support. Everyone has a part to play, even the positive information you may give about the disease will help save somebody”.

Sheikh Napari said the interfaith dialogue on Facebook organised by the foundation is aimed at reaching out with the word of God and educating Ghanaians on COVID-19 through social media as the nation continuosly observes the rules on COVID-19 protocols.

“As a Moslem wherever you find yourself you need to worship, our lifestyles should be worship, good relationship, supporting the poor, encouraging and lifting people from depression are all forms of worship not just the daily and friday prayers we offer. Lockdown does not mean worshiping God or Allah has ended” he added

The Islamic cleric, indicated that the global pandemic has exposed the weaknesses of mankind especially Africans to love each other as the survival of one person is dependent on another.

According to him, dependence on European countries for support has been the norm over the years rather than exception hence an outbreak of a pandemic of this magnitude that has killed many people and plunged several countries into economic difficulties across the globe leaves Africans to rethink and support themselves as donor countries are themselves severely hit by the disease.

He observed “The developed countries who would support us are themselves battling to survive.This time the support should not just be medical but we should assist people in all areas of their lives especially uplifting them spiritually and desist from engaging in behaviours that Allah abhors.coronavirus is no respector of colour, religion, it does not differentiate between the old and young, It’s a test for all of us.”

Sheikh Napari further admonished his fellow religious leaders to continue to offer prayers for all humanity, leadership of the country, families among others while encouraging them to equally observe all the protocols to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The light Foundation, an Islamic Non-Governmental Organisation known for supporting the vulnerable and needy for the past decade has inched up once again with several programmes to lighten the heart of people across the globe.

This includes the interfaith broadcast on Facebook on the teachings of Prophet Mohammed and the Qu’ran, God/Allah that has hosted a number of clergy men such as the spokesperson of the National Chief Imam, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, Rev. Seth Acquaye,Faith and religions’ manager at World Vision Int. amongst others.

The foundation will also broadcast in various local languages such as Twi, Hausa and Ga during the week.

TLF will also embark on peace campaigns this year in various parts of the country to educate the public especially the youth on the implications of causing mayhem and violence during elections.

The CEO also hinted of plans by the foundation to host health experts from the country’s health Institutions on it’s social media platforms to educate the public on good hygiene practices to augment Government efforts of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 and providing information to the general public.

The Light Foundation (TLF) operates in the following areas: water sanitation and Hygiene, women and children issues and advocacy.

Other areas includes Infrastructure, scholarship and skills development.

Source: Africa News Network/Ebenezer Kofi Amponsah


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