Covid-19: GUNA Advocates For Traditional Herbal Medicine


The Ghana United Nations Association, GUNA, has appealed to government to consider Natural Medicine Practitioners in finding a cure for the Coronavirus disease.


According to GUNA, as the world races for the cure for the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which is wrecking havoc in Ghana and most parts of the globe, the Association has listened to legions of cogent arguments by several Traditional Herbal Medicine Practitioners in the media on the efficacy of some plant species as being able to cure the virus.

This was contained in a statement jointly signed by the Secretary General, Rev. Christian Pardie, Director of Administration, Bishop Nathaniel Rudolph and Comrade Samuel Bamidele Ojo, the National Youth Affairs Secretary of GUNA.

The statement noted that albeit the practitioners did not mention treating a COVID-19 patient with the plants, it strongly holds the defence that when given the opportunity they will prepare some herbal medicines for testing by the Ministry of Health on suspected patients for its efficacy.

“In his latest article in The Chronicle, titled ‘Hibiscus Tea for immune support and antiviral agent’, Ghana’s Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, President of the Nyarkotey School of Natural Medicine, a renowned health writer whose works have gone even outside the shores of Ghana, pointed out a simple proven scientific fact that the Hibiscus plant is an antiviral agent” It stated.

“Ginger, among other natural plant species, has also been mentioned by other practitioners as having the potency to fight any form of virus.
Collecting all these arguments by our herbal traditional and natural medicine practitioners, GUNA believes that, like Madagascar, the Government of Ghana must give these home-grown natural doctors the opportunity to bring their knowledge to the fore in the fight and race for a lasting cure for the dreaded Coronavirus disease”. The emphasized.

It noted that Madagascar, according to, has recorded zero death with over 92 recoveries from 128 recorded cases of the novel virus, and the success is due to the country permitting its natural doctors to come out with the ‘Madagascar Organic Pack’.

It further pointed out that to the extent that the government of Equatorial Guinea could send its Deputy Health Minister, Mitoha Ondo to Madagascar to buy packs of the Madagascar Organic pack to his country men and women, GUNA would implore the Government of Ghana not to let this opportunity and crop of tried and tested herbal practitioners Ghana can boast of regret of being sabotaged.

The statement added that this is the best opportunity for us as a country and government to believe in our own, urging government to give the Traditional Herbal Practitioner the chance produce a home cure for the Coronavirus as Madagascar has been able to do it.

GUNA believes that the cure for the Coronavirus can be found in Africa just like HIV and AIDS, COViD-19 noting that is a politically motivated disease.

“In consequence, we believe World Health Organisation will never sanction any cure from Africa especially those African countries that took IMF loan to fight the Coronavirus”. It stated.

The statement indicated that, “but, as a country that is positioned to go beyond aid, the government of Ghana, like Madagascar’s President publicly announced the local cure, must be brave to assemble our herbal medicine practitioners, throw the challenge to them and GUNA is of the firm belief that they will deliver.”

The statement said Ghana must not continue to fall for the communist inferior tactics, which most African leaders have yielded to due to some bundle of dollars they receive from the West.

It concluded that GUNA believes Ghana can make a godly impact should the government give the Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association the chance by challenging the herbal doctors to produce home cure for the Coronavirus disease.

By: Paul Mamattah


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