Coronavirus confirmed cases in Ghana increases to six


The confirmed cases of the Coronavirus disease in Ghana have increased to a total of six as of Saturday, March 14, 2020, health authorities have announced.

At a press briefing at the Ministry of Information in Accra Sunday afternoon, the Director of Public Health at the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Badu Sarkodie said the four new cases like the previous two announced last Thursday were imported into Ghana.


He said all the patients were in stable condition and did not show symptoms at arrival at the ports.

Over 200 contacts have been traced in all the cases and are doing self-quarantine.

Giving details of the cases in respect of contact tracing, Dr Badu Sarkodie said, “first four cases contact tracing have started.”

“The last two cases we just confirmed it over the night [Saturday] we have started mechanisms to identify the contacts,” he said.

“Case One, the location we have identified, two contacts and all the contacts are being traced.”

Case two, the Norweigian we have identified 107 contacts and 68 of them, we’ve started the process to follow them up. The rest, by the close of today [Sunday, March 15] we will be in touch with them and support with regard to the contact tracing.”

Case three is a student and out of the various, for now, we have identified 12 contacts.”

Dr Badu Sarkodie added: “We are still in the process to work assiduously to get more and the last case, the fourth one is Obuasi. Currently, we’ve identified 30 contacts and all the 30 contacts are being followed up.”

How did these Coronavirus imported cases enter Ghana without being detected?

Responding to questions on how these Coronavirus imported cases entered Ghana without being detected at the port of entry, Dr Badu Sarkodie explained that all the patients entered without showing any signs of the disease during surveillance.

He said they started showing signs only after entering and within two days of showing the signs, they were tested and it came out positive.

Source: graphic online


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