Coronavirus: Anyone tested positive to Coronavirus should be killed – Kim


North Korea Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un has order to kill anyone who test positive to the deadly COVID-19.


According to the information received, after the first patient of Coronavirus was found in North Korea, the dictator Kim Jong Un actions to prevent it from spreading in the country and quite frightening.

“Victim should be shot after finding the first patient of the coronavirus in his country.”

With this, 144 have been installed in many places. So that people remain in most homes and the coronavirus does not spread the infection to more people.

So far 1,69,524 people worldwide have been infected with corona. Also, 6515 people have died due to this. In China alone, 3213 people have lost their lives.

The most affected people after China have been in Italy. So far 1809 people have lost their lives.

In Italy, 24747 people have been infected by it.


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