Coronavirus, An Escape Route For The President?


The world has been terrified by this new disease corona virus, and I support any measure taken to fight this disease, but wondering what the other reasons may also be.


Its difficult to understand why night clubs can operate but churches and schools must be closed down. Nana Addo, if there is no money to take care of feeding the free SHS students, let the churches know and they will support you, not a total shut down.

…… and he is the one advocating for a cathedral… God help our mother Ghana.

The President has also picked intelligence that there will be a demonstration against fuel prices since crude has seen dramatic reduction on the world market; while the president has failed to apply the automatic adjustment formula for the price of fuel to come down. For your information Mr. President, fuel prices is killing us more than Corona virus !!!

This year was supposed to be our year of roads, we are expected to see all roads in Ghana being fixed .

Unfortunately, we are being told that the cash from China, Sinohydro to be precise will not also come because of corona virus. Really !!!!

Must the Chinese and other nationals mining our gold not also stop because corona virus is in Ghana?

We have heard of news of a President and wife being quarantined, but our President won’t want us know who the 6 people suspected to be quarantined are, but we will be told tomorrow that the $100 million is finished.

Uganda has stopped foreigners from entering their country but our President is globe trotting and bringing nothing home from his travels.

If all the cases recorded are from our ports of entry , then what have we been doing ? Containing this disease will also depend heavily on our ports , but the president is speaking grammar and doing nothing .

Ghanaians have gotten to the point where trusting this President is a high risk venture.

Protect yourselves, go and pray in the church if you must. Go out there and demonstrate against the government if you must. The lies must stop.

Let’s keep hope alive , there are better days ahead !!!

Kun fa Yakun



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