Confusion At Electoral Commission Headquarters


Very reliable sources have confirmed to this portal that there was serious confusion yesterday morning at the headquarters of the Electoral Commission (EC) in Accra with junior staff of the commission calling for the cancellation of the compilation of a new voter’s register.


The EC has decided to compile a new voter’s register ahead of this December’s general election and in fact has just completed a pilot registration programme it claims was successful.

However, the junior staff who will be in the frontline during the registration exercise have come to the conclusion the compilation of a new voter’s register poses grave health risks and thus only limited registration be conducted.

They further claimed if leadership remains adamant, then the senior staff of the EC should be deployed for the exercise to face all the risks. Pleas by senior staffers to allow the registration exercise to come on fell on deaf ears as the junior workers stuck to their stance.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus continues to spread within the country. It is estimated the number of people who will have contracted the virus by the end of this month will reach 10,000. As at yesterday, the number of infected was 9,168 with 42 deaths.

Some political parties, individuals, organizations and institutions have kicked against the compilation of a new voter’s register for a number of reasons.

Among the reasons cited is the health risk such an exercise exposes the entire population of the country to as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the EC has remained adamant, insisting World Health Organization (WHO) protocols will be observed so the exercise will not pose a risk to anybody.

However, the junior staffers yesterday said they will have none of it because it was too risky.

They held that if it is because of the financial rewards some members of the senior staff will reap if the registration exercise comes on, then they can take over from them (the junior staff) and be at the fore front of the whole registration exercise.

Source: Daily Post



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