Call Haruna Abdulai And Constituency Chairman To Order – Wulensi Youth

A Group called the Concerned Wulensi Youth of the NPP have called on the Northern Regional Secretariat of the NPP to take disciplinary measures against an Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate of the Wulensi constituency one Abdulai Haruna and the constituency chairman for working against Hon Thomas Donkor Ogajah who is the NPP of Wulensi and also the NPP Parliamentary Candidate.

In a statement issued to the media and copied to both the constituency, Regional and National structures of the party, the group gave the following reasons as the basis for their call for action:

  1. They alleged that Abdulai Haruna failed to congratulate Hon Thomas Donkor Ogajah after the primaries of June 20th but has instead embarked on what they described as a journey of petitions and alleged sponsorship of demonstrations in the constituency to create chaos and to make the NPP unpopular.
  2. Mr Abdulai Haruna is alleged to be stoking tribal sentiments in the constituency which can escalate as the MP and Candidate is a Kokonba and Abdulai Haruna a Nanung.
  3. The group alleged that there have evidence that the recent demonstration in the Wulensi constituency was sponsored by the defeated Parliamentary Aspirant after he paid Ghc4000 to the media for coverage of the demonstration and also bused demonstrators from other places to Wulensi for the demonstration and gave each demonstrator Ghc50.
  4. The constituency chairman is a brother to Mr Abdulai Haruna and therefore supporting the destructive agenda of his brother in the constituency for their parochial interest.

The Concerned Wulensi Youth believes that if the constituency chairman and the failed Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate are not brought to book, the party risk loosing the Wulensi Parliamentary seat in the December elections.

It is the view of the group that Abdulai Haruna and the constituency chairman should be held directly responsible should the NPP failed to retain the Wulensi seat.

The statement of the youth has been signed by Mr Alhassan Yakubu spokesperson, Wumbei Mahama Secretary and John Kofi Yakubu organiser.