Buhari’s Address Is A Window-Dressing – NIDO Director


Nigerians in the Diaspora have described the address by their President as a window-dressing which lacks the substance to arresting the sorry development in that country.


The Acting Corporate Affairs, Director of Nigerians in the Diaspora, NIDO, Comrade Samuel Bamidele Timitokpe Ojo in an interview with the ghanaianvoiceonline in Tema said, SARS is just a trigger to the development, but the Nigerians’ protest was essentially ignited by the deteriorating economic situation, decline in education, insecurity and the growing injustice festering in Nigeria.

He noted that though coming out to address the citizens was right, President Buhari unfortunately refused to sincerely touch on the pertinent issues bothering the average Nigerian in order to calm nerves whilst measures are instituted to better the conditions of the citizenry.

“End SARS is just a platform, the youth in Nigeria are clamouring for economic reforms, educational reforms, end to brutalities by security agencies and the injustice in Nigeria as perpetrators are left off the hook” he emphasised.

Comrade Ojo intimated that the current Nigerian government seems non-existence culminating in systems malfunctioning and called on the administration to use “end SARS” to make amends.

The NIDO Director said that the mere speaking against brutalities and killings in the wake of “end SARS” protest without talking about probes leaves much to desire.

“The government just spoke about things that existed yet were not working out, for instance, the money market has existed but was not working.

The President only condemned the killings and molestations, but failed to assure the people of instituting an investigation to deal with culprits and serve victims with justice” he stressed.

Comrade Ojo however sought the opportunity to implore the youth to cease fire awaiting what the government will do about the situation, especially now that the President has spoken.

By: Edward Tetteh


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