BoG Ghc 100 & 200 Notes, Liability For Ghanaians


The New 100 and 200 Ghana Cedis notes introduced by the Bank of Ghana, BoG have become a serious liability for Ghanaians as most of the people find it very difficult to transact business with the currency.

Advertisement can confirm that the new cedi notes are been rejected by almost all traders in the country including fuel stations and supermarkets.

This came to light in line with complains by some Ghanaians over how they find it difficult to transact business with the new currency.

This compelled the to go round with those currencies to ascertain weather or not the said currencies are difficult or easier to transact business with.

This online portal can state with impunity that the currencies are the most difficult currencies to transact business with even more than the US Dollar.

This portal went round fuel stations around Odokor, Mallam Junction, Ablekuma, Zongo Junction, Madina and it environs to find change in a bid to find out if it is true that the currencies are difficult or easy to transact business with.

Many trader and fuel stations operators were those who believe that the currencies are difficult to detect counterfeit or fake hence their inability to accept the currencies from unknown people adding that why only accept the currencies from unknown customers they can easily identify.

Many trader have described the currencies as useless and a way by the government to loot the state and make money to them self as well as use it to campaign for the upcoming elections but not for the benefit of Ghanaians.

By: Ghanaian Voice


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