Ban On Drumming And Noise Making In Aklekweiman Lifted


The Chiefs and people of Aklekweiman/Kwarteman of Ajen Kotoku in the Ga West Municipality have lifted the month-long ban on drumming and noise-making in the Municipality.


The lifting of the ban paves way for the celebration of the annual Homowo to be held in August, this year.

At a ceremony at the Aklekweiman/Kwarteman Mantse’s Palace, there was a display of Ga tradition and culture as the Chief of the area, Nii Aklekwei III, beat the Odadaw drums to signify the end of the ban.

The occasion was witnessed by dignitaries from far and near including some Chiefs and Queen mothers from the various traditional areas in the Ga state.

The occasion was characterised by drumming, dancing singing of traditional songs, display of rich Ga culture and tradition as well as the priest performed traditional rituals and prayed for good omen for the people.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chief of Aklekweiman/Kwarteman, Nii Aklekwei III, stressed the need for Ghanaians to be due diligence and adherence to health and safety standards protocols to contain the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

He also entreated the people of Aklekweiman/Kwarteman to follow the measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 disease by constantly washing their hands with soap for over 20 seconds and wash them under running water, the use of alcohol based sanitizers as well as keeping a distance of at least two metres from people they interacted with and sneeze into tissues and immediately dispose them off.

Nii Aklekwei III called on Ga natives to give reverence to their traditional authorities by respecting the chieftaincy institution.

He also cautioned kingmakers of the Ga state to do away of the installation of multiple chiefs adding that development which Gas have been craving, cannot be achieved if there is no unity of purpose.

The Odadaw ceremony is the one month period annual event which marks a time of communion with God to seek his favour for abundance of food and fish for the Homowo.

By: Paul Mamattah


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