Ayawaso East MP Donates Over 200 Desk


Hon. Member of Parliament for Ayawaso East Constituency, Alhaji Mc Nasser Mahama Toure has donated a number of dual desks to some schools his area.


Hundred and twenty, 120 dual desks were donated to about 13 schools as a result of broken down desks in these beneficiary schools of the constituency.

Alhaji Olabodi Williams, NDC Constituency Chairman who made the presentation on behalf of the Legislature, Mc Nasser said about 130 of such desks were donated earlier to some of these schools.

Ghanaian Voice online noted this was not the first time but he has been supportive anytime the schools are in need of anything they thought the MP could help them with.

Mc Nasser always supports all the schools and students in the constituency to encourage them to work hard for good grades so could gain admission into the Senior High Schools easily.

The 13 beneficiary schools expressed their gratitude to the MP for his usual supports to them when the need arises.

By: Elikplim K. Awuyeh


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