Asere Dzaase Affirms Legitimacy Of Nii Ayi Mensah As Dzaasetse Of Nii Boiman


The Dzaasetse of Asere and the custodian of Nii Boiman stool property (lands), Nii Amarkai III, has reaffirmed the position of Nii Ayi Mensah I, as the rightful and recognised Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman.


In a press Conference addressed by Nii Amarkai III, he stated that Nii Ayi Mensah I, is a true descendant of Asere stool.

According to the traditional leader, Nii Ayi Mensah’s allegiance is traced to the days of Nii Teiko Ansah.

He explained that the great grand father’s of Nii Ayi Mensah I, served and worked for long years with Nii Teiko before his demise.

He further mentioned that Nii Ayi Mensah hails from the Maatsele family and have their family house located at Bubuashie, a suburb of Accra and has the late Nii Ayi II, Chief of Bubuashie as his biological brother.

Nii Amarkai III, explained that, he installed the current Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman upon consultations with the Queenmother of Nii Boiman, Naa Kordei I.

Another reason for his installation according Nii Amarkai III is because of his (Ñii Ayi Mensah I) long landing role as the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Sports Complex land and the role he plays in an Association of which he’s a founding member thus Nii Boiman land owners Association.

According to Nii Amarkai III, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on the June 5, 2018 between himself and the Land Commission of Ghana.

Details of this MoU according to the traditional Leader, the whole area was acquired by the government to be used for the construction of sports Complex.

In a reaction to a recent disturbances in race coarse, a suburb of Nii Boiman and part of the Asere stool lands, the traditional Leader blamed one Alex Lovejoy Armah as the main brain behind the confusion because according to Nii Amarkai III, Mr. Armah has been selling parcels of land in a fraudulent manner with forged documents to innocent individuals.

Some of this parcels of land as well as buildings according to Nii Amarkai, have been sited on spaces earmarked to be used as roads and construction of gutters to pave way for proper drainage systems to help mitigate against the challenges of flooding during heavy downpours.

Nii Amarkai III made reference to a forum organised by himself a fortnight ago in which all the Chiefs within the Asere Traditional Area came together to deliberate on how best they could help put an end to the menace of land Litigation.

He hinted that it was during the above forum when he advised his fellow Chiefs to pay attention to the new Land Act and act accordingly.

This he said will give a lasting solution to land litigations characterised with lands sold out by traditional leaders especially in the Greater Accra Metropolis.

Nii Amarkai III, seized the opportunity to implore the general public to recognise Nii Ayi Mensah I, as the Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman.

“Nii Ayi Mensah I, is the properly installed Dzaasetse of Nii Boiman and no other person must be acknowledged as such”. Nii Amarkai III, stressed.

Watch full interview with Nii Amarkai III




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