As Peter Denied Christ 3 Times To Save His Life, Citi FM Reporter Denies Tribe To Save His Skin


I pray this piece finds you well and read with an opened mind and not misunderstood. I felt the urge to do this after watching the POINT OF VIEW on Citi TV by Bernard Avle .


Growing up, one of the most confusing questions I struggled to answer was, “where do you come from”.

My mother, Beatrice Tuffour, hails maternaly from Tarkwa Banso in the Western region and Paternally from Tano Dumasi in Ashanti region saw all her children as Ashantis and will insist you must agree with her because of her matrilineal inheritance .

My father , Emmanuel Sowah Gunn (may his soul rest in peace), who hails from La in the greater Accra region , and Agbodrafo , in Aneho in Togo was not worried, knowing water will always find its level, made sure you spoke your local language and any other languages you could pick. He never joked with Homowo and Yekeyeke ,his festivals back in the days .

I have told various versions of this story many times in many forms and how I am blessed to have many parts . I laughed over it , but was saddened when I heard the Caleb saying he had to deny his EWE lineage and claim to be FANTE just to save his skin !!!

He mentioned the names of the security operatives that brutalised him as col Agyemang, Owusu, Osei, Assumaning and Ampadu. Forgive me , but I have to emphasise this because of the statement one of them made, according to Caleb in Akan that ” i am sure you are EWE ” . A clear case of stereotyping.

I didn’t choose my Dad or mum , and I am certain you didn’t choose yours too. I grew up knowing one nation and one people .

Kwame Nkrumah made efforts to bond this nation in many ways including boarding school systems just to erase our mental differences. I slept in dorm 3 and 11 of Aggrey house in prempeh college not bothering who slept on top of my bed or beside my bed and it has been a great family till today .

For Col Agyeman , I thought that rank is supposed to be a high one in the military service , but you have made me feel disappointed, listening to Samens, the MD of Citi .

As responsible kids grow, unwise ones grow along side. If this is happening in our security setup , we should be worried .

I still have hope in Ghana , and believe there will surely be better days ahead where we will truly see ourselves as one people with one destiny .

Kun fa Yakun



  1. Hmmmm bcs of this some of Us even in construction field have to at times hide our identity bcs If a tribalistic Forman got to know You are Ewe he will never employ U


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