Arrogance Kills, Kill It Before It Kills You


I watched portions of the press conference by the Minister for Communication, Madam Ursula Owusu; immediately I said to myself, the NPP have just picked their third envelope, and nothing can save them.


The first envelope contained how to blame predecessors for your failures, the second contained lessons of how to give excuses using external factors and International politics like Covid, Russian-Ukraine war and the third envelope contains how to prepare your handing over notes.

After listening to Ursula, I got a better understanding why Jean Mensah is also arrogantly insisting on the Ghana card as the only document for verification in the compilation of a new voter register. There is an erroneous believe that If you don’t have the card, you must be NDC!!!

How could Hon. Ursula Owusu have an ill-conceived thought and the mindset that all NPP members have their cards and the rest must be NDC members? It’s funny how people see things, no wonder Jesus had to recall the man he healed but was seeing men like trees.

I am sure Jesus will say in his heart, see mumu, how can you see Ghanians like trees? Come for a second touch before you go and disconnect people’s phones or disenfranchise citizens, nonsense!!! Thank God for the second touch.

Governance under this administration is at its all time low and based on trial and error. Ministers feel they are doing citizens a favor. Opportunities are only for card holding members of the NPP. A typical example is how covid funds were distributed like confetti to NPP party executives, when ordinary citizens were dying!!!

I listened to a response from the Health Minister on the cost of the covid vaccines he was procuring. He said the cost doesn’t matter, just like the answer by Hon Amoako Attah, the roads minister when he was asked of the cost of the repair works on the Tema Motorway. A rehearsed signature tune of a corrupt and criminal syndicate.

Never take the symbolic tearing of a paper into two before the leadership of the party before the president, appointees and executives for granted. He added that their minds have stopped working.

I am told some party faithfuls in the church wondered why the song by Martin Hayford, featuring Mama Cynthia, Awurade Bohye, which has a line “se emere no so ara, na aso” was chosen amongst the songs that came after the Reverend Minister’s sermon. Their arrogance will not even allow them to listen to the word of God from the pulpit or in song ministrations.

Indeed, when the time is up, it is up. All hands must be on deck because Ghana deserves better days ahead.

Kun fa Yakun

By: Godwin Ako Gunn


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